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Early One Morning From the Writer Ron Melrose
Ron Melrose HeadshotEarly One Morning rests on the underlying theme of God's mercy and salvation, using the experiences of Mary Magdalene to illuminate God's forgiveness and redemption of human frailty.

The form of Early One Morning defies easy description. On paper, it resembles a dramatic song cycle, consisting of ten single songs, to be performed without interruption by one performer portraying one character. It could also be described as a solo oratorio, using contemporary music. But since it is more a work of theatre than a concert, it might best be described as a 'one-woman show' about Mary Magdalene.

In the case of Mary Magdalene, scriptural references are fairly sparse and often not particularly vivid. Early One Morning incorporates every bible passage which mentions her at all, and also honors the long-standing hagiographic tradition of assigning her the life of a harlot redeemed by Christ's love and forgiveness, and associating her with the woman with much to be forgiven (Luke 7:37).

Early One Morning is not lurid, but it is hard going. We will see no bare flesh, no obscene or scatological language or gestures. But neither is she portrayed as a lovable Walt Disney 'cute harlot'. Mary Magdalene's life wasn't pretty. By the time she met Christ, it is easy to imagine that she was extraordinarily wounded and bruised. But no matter how low she fell, Christ was and is unspotted, able to love her purely, cleanly, and redemptively. She finds forgiveness and salvation in His purity.
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